A Creative Day with EQUALS – 2nd November 2017

Thursday 2nd November 2017, University of Manchester

Keith Park, Teacher, Writer, Performer and Musician and
Carrie Lennard, Special Needs Music Consultant

Music Creativity for students with PMLD and complex needs using iPads and the ThumbJam app “The improvise Approach” with Carrie Lennard

Carrie Lennard will share The Improvise Approach with you, showing you how to empower your students with their own musical creativity using iPads, ThumbJam, specially composed music and selected percussion instruments. This is an inclusive music experience where people of different abilities can all play together and create harmonious music.

The session will cover:

  • What The Improvise Approach is all about – making music freely, creatively and harmoniously.
  • Setting up the ThumbJam app on your iPad ready to make musical sounds.
  • Playing and exploring ThumbJam for yourself (solo using your headphones) and hearing how good your melodies sound with the backing tracks.
  • Playing together in small groups supported by The Improvise Approach backing tracks.
  • Adding selected percussion instruments and a microphone or 2 for a truly inclusive music experience.
  • Question and Answer.

For this training, please bring an iPad plus headphones (iPod or iPhone ok too).
To download ThumbJam go to – https://appsto.re/gb/Emgnu.i
If you’d like more detailed information about The Improvise Approach before the day, take a look at the website www.improviseapproach.com .
The Improvise Approach ebook at https://itun.es/gb/oGeceb.l – available from the iBooks Store with 10 built-in music backing tracks or alternatively, you can purchase just the music tracks from iTunes at – https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/improvise-one/id1140431846

‘Interactive Storytelling’ with Keith Park

‘Interactive Storytelling’ is the basis of Keith’s workshop. This approach to storytelling uses a very simple call and response method, in which one person calls out a line of the story and everyone else repeats it.

Using this method, delegates will explore various story scripts: humorous verse, improvised name games, pantomime, Bible Stories in Cockney Rhyming Slang, sea shanties, Shakespeare, and who knows what else. It requires no costumes, no props, no lighting, no experience in drama and storytelling, and is just a lot of good fun.

Delegates are welcome to film the story performances to take them back to their own workplaces and use them there. Google ‘Keith Park Storytelling’ for web links and references.

£165.00 + VAT members, £195.00 + VAT non-members



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